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Skinestica Charcoal Essential Aqua White Mask


Skinestica Charcoal Essential Aqua White Mask. Niacinamide, a raw material of whitening ingredient helps to make bright and moist skin.
Tiny holes of the charcoal sheet mask make the sheet attach on the skin well, thus it would be easily adsorbed into skin.


Good and affordable – SKINESTICA – New skin care brands from Korea, with it’s natural ingredients, giving skin highest moisture, and provides skin cells with the essential hydrate to maintain healthy cell structure. SKINESTICA is treatment for different skin types with safe and effectively result, replenish the loss of moisture, and to strengthen the ability to self-repair of dermal and epidermal cells, making the skin smoothed, firm and keep healthy skin.

高品质和经济的 – SKINESTICA – 是美姿堡的新美容护肤品牌,纯韩国制造包装。此品牌含有天然成分,给肌肤高度保湿,并提供皮肤细胞的必需水份,保持健康的细胞结构。 SKINESTICA提供治疗不同皮肤类型的护理,安全有效,补水保湿,加强真皮和表皮细胞的自我修复能力,使肌肤平滑,紧致并保持健康。

Weight 0.25 kg
Charcoal Essential Mask

Aqua White (5 pcs per box)

32" chest, 26" waist , 37" hip. 170CM height, 51KG weight